Andrew Jackson Smith

Andrew Jackson Smith: Born March 1, 1897 - Kentucky, Died 1975 - Chattanooga, TN
His grandfather was Andrew Jackson Bevins (his mother's father)

First Wife: Hazel Hatfield Robinson - Born 1904 near Van Lear, KY 
(Died 1998 - near Huntington, VW - Remarried last name Carver.)

Second Wife: Mabel Alice Turner, Born Sept 15, 1907 near Calhoun, GA 
Died Dec 1979 - Chattanooga, TN

Left - Circa 1928 - Geneva Smith - Bernard Nunley - Lodema Smith at Woodman while staying with Andrew's sister Sallie.

Geneva and Bernard were nursed by Sallie. Lodema was 2 years older.

Right - Circa 1925 - Lodema


Left - Maude Smith (Andrew's brother Ireland's wife) and Lodema Smith in picture studio at Chattanooga, TN - Circa 1938

Right - Letter Andrew wrote to his mother from WWI in the Calvary just before the war ended.
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Lodema and Geneva were raised for the several years after Hazel left (about 1924) by his sister Sallie Nunley at Woodman, KY. Andrew got a divorce and re-married in 1928. Andrew went back and got the kids (year not know but probably 1929-1930 during the summer time). Andrew married Mabel Turner of Calhoun, GA in 1928. Left - Geneva & Lodema

A 1930 Christmas card from Gene and Lodema to Woodman family is from Chattanooga.   Lodema remembered when her dad came to Kentucky to get them because the windows were down on the trip to Chattanooga and a bug flew in and hit Geneva in the face. A letter from Hazel to Maude Aug. 1928 indicates she is going to KY to see the girls in September and knows Andrew has remarried, but the girls are still at Woodman.


Left - Hazel with Geneva - circa 1924 - just before Hazel left Woodman without letting anyone know. She contacted family again in August 1928.

Right - Hazel Robinson - Andrew's First Wife.
Hazel was put through nursing school by her uncle Dr Hatfield. It is unclear if that was Drury Hatfield (U.S. Senator, Governor of WV, surgeon) or Dr. Elliot Rutherford Hatfield Son of Devil Anse Hatfield. Application Hazel made for Social Security benefits lists her name as Judith H. Carver (re-married) born 1904, died 1998 near Huntington WV. Her father was John Robinson (locomotive engineer for Ritter Lumber Co.) He later moved to Bristol, TN.

Letter written by Andrew's first wife Hazel to Andrew's mother in 1928 asking for forgiveness for leaving Andrew. She wanted pictures of her "babies" She likely did not know that Andrew had remarried in this letter. Maude answered Hazel. See line below. Click on link to read entire letter.

Hazel's Letter to Ireland's wife Maude. Be careful to read in order of the page number located at the top of each page. They did not scan in order.

Evidently the letter above to Andrew's mother was passed on to Maude who answered Hazel and told her Andrew was married again. Hazel had a wealthy boy friend in Detroit and planned to get married. She missed her girls.

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1900 Pike County, KY records show Joe & Nancy  Smith and the children living at Woodman, KY & Joe listed as a farmer. See entries near bottom of page. Andrew listed as age 3. 1920 Records show Andrew & wife Hazel, living at Woodman in a house between Hazel's father John Robinson (wife Lydia and 3 other children) and Andrew's brother Ireland Smith (wife Maude and Maude's brother Dimpson Nunley who married later Andrew's sister Sallie). Hazel is listed "Hazel H." H for Hatfield. She was raised by her father John Robinson and his 1st wife Lydia. His 2nd wife was also Lydia.
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ANDREW - Jenkins Road East Brainerd Andrew & Mabel bought the property on Jenkins Rd in 1928 in 2 lots for about $800 total.
Left - second wife Mabel Alice Turner from Calhoun, GA. His original marriage to Hazel was dissolved by action of a judge in Kentucky as Hazel had been gone 4 years and had not been heard from. Mabel had not been married. They were married at Ridgedale Baptist Church on Dodds Avenue July 1928.

Right - Mabel holding Reginald in 1943. They adopted him from Andrew's daughter Geneva. Father was Jack Roberts in the Navy.

Left - House Andrew lived in during early days in Chattanooga

Right - Believe this is front of Williams and Voris Lumber Company on Dodds Ave, between 26th and 28th Streets, where Andrew became superintendent of the Hardwood Flooring Plant 

Left - Andrew on front steps of original house built circa 1929

Right - Andrew on front steps of house he built in Chattanooga, TN. Early picture before he built the flower beds. Circa 1954. House was roofed in 1952 and moved into in 1953

Andrew Draft Card

 Mabel later bought the property that Royal Oaks was built on from the Rymers about 1956. Mr. Rymer's family said he was mentally deficient and had the sale cancelled. She was offered the property again but refused to buy it again even though the title company paid her for her original loss. Builder Clyde Roy bought the property about 1960 and built Royal Oaks Subdivision.
Left - Andrew did some sculpture as seen in the 2 snow figures. The female is close to Jenkins Road. Recall a female figure about 2 feet tall he did in clay also.

Right - Enlarge and you can see the barns in the back. They were between what is now the pavilion and the main building for Brainerd Presbyterian Church. Consisted of: brooder house(right), laying hen house(left), garage/fly room(large bldg in back), and outhouse(not shown).

Left - Andrew's daughter Lodema - pic at Woodman - note rug hanging on wall as backdrop. Circa 1924

Right - Lodema and Geneva at Woodman - pic likely taken about 1929-30 when Andrew and Mabel went to Woodman, KY to pick the girls up.

Letter Lodema wrote to her Grandmother Nancy Smith at Woodman. Dec. 21, 1930. Age 9. She was worried it appears about everybody forgetting each other. She wanted to be remembered. She obviously missed being in Kentucky with the people and cousins she had grown up with. This may have been the first year Gene and Lodema were in Chattanooga - 1930

Left - Lodema

Right - Lodema - graduation day likely Circa 1940

Gene and Lodema remembered pleasant times with there dad and the things they used to do with him alone. Mabel was not always kind to them. Lodema took after Andrew her father and did not let much bother her. Gene was emotional and was sensitive to Mabel's ways.

Lodema's husband Raymond Austin Prater. Raised at Bonny Oaks Childrens Home near Chattanooga. Graduated from Tyner High School 1941 where he was active in 4H. To Army 1942-1946 including study at U of Conn. Graduated from Washington & Lee in 1947 Virginia. Opened his law practice in Chattanooga in Feb, 1950 at 530  Chattanooga Bank Building.

Raymond was instrumental in providing information to the Tennessee Bureau Of Investigation leading to the impeachment of Hamilton County Tennessee Judge Raulston Schoolfield.  Raymond was later secretly chosen by U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy to screen the jury pool for the trial of Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa. The first Hoffa trial in Nashville ended in a mistrial because of jury tampering. A second trial was held in Chattanooga where Hoffa was convicted and sent to jail. Raymond died in a small plane crash with Audie Murphy near Roanoke, VA in 1971

Left - Raymond opens law office in Chattanooga

Right - Christmas cards - Raymond & Lodema spent wedding night with Maude.

Back of cards


Left - Geneva Smith Front row left with X.
Also upper left with tie and sport coat is Raymond Prater who married her sister Lodema

Left - Andrew's daughter Geneva

Right - Geneva's first husband Jack Roberts & Reg's father,  USN aboard the USS Ranger

Left - Jack Roberts

Right - Jack's father

Jack and family

Left - Back of small original 3 room house. Reg & German Shepherd Junior. Circa 1944

Right - Rear of house. Somebody went fishing. Good eatin' -  Family made lots of fishing trips in 1940's & 1950's to Chickamauga Lake like Vincent slough, Snowhill Bridge, Wolftever Creek, etc. Andrew had a 1938 Buick and later a 1952, 1958, 1959 and finally a 1964 Buick Skylark wagon. He owned a Chevrolet when he came to Chattanooga. - Pic Circa 1948

Part of the farm buildings on the property built with logs Andrew fell on the place. Spaces were chinked with mud.

During the depression and up until about 1955, they raised chickens, turkeys, had a cow and sold butter, sold & swapped eggs for other items at Bostick's store located next to, and on the west side of east Brained School. That cobblestone store building stood until sometime in the 1960's. The Bostick's were Jewish and ran tickets for people during the depression. 

Reg - Happy days on Jenkins Road. Early whiner stage. Circa 1945

No running water until about 1950. Original steel well is next to steps of house completed about 1953.

Right - Old gate went to garden. One of the posts still stands. That's about 30 feet west of the first garden water faucet.

Left - Farmer Reg circa 1948

Right - View looking west down existing driveway. Large image shows 3-4 stacks of lumber that Andrew had cut and sawed. Far view shows swing gate at road. 1st tree on left is a large oak and still in place. Circa 1950

Left - Gone fishing - looks like maybe Vincent Slough - 1938 Buick is top left at tree. He traded the 1938 in on the 1952 at McKamey's Auto on Lee Hwy about 1956 and he got $50 trade in. Darn did I whine a lot on that deal. Great old car - bright maroon 4 door- ran good - but the radiator leaked. SO??? Fix it

Right - Reg's best friend died of polio about 1951-52. Billy was displayed in the iron lung at the Chattanooga Funeral home. Very out going kid like his dad and mother. Lived on Jenkins Rd where Dr Royal later built. Obit is incorrect on address.

Left - Andrew taught Red Cross first aid to the employees at Williams and Voris Lumber Company.

Right - Kids went to East Brained School about 1 mile from the Jenkins Rd property. This is a teacher's pic circa 1932. Left to right: Ms Ellis, Ms Gamble, Ms Davidson (Halley I believe), Mr J B Smith, Ms Marison, Ms Harris, Ms Laura Davidson. Gene and Lodema would have been there at that time.

. Left - During WWII ladies knitted sweaters and socks to send overseas. This is a list of instruction. Mabel received several Red Cross letters and thank you notes relating to this activity.

Lodema-Patsy-Ray Prater lower left with Nunleys; Andrew Smith Upper Right

Patsy-Ray Prater
with Nunley's

Lodema-Patsy-Ray Prater
with Nunley's; Upper Right Andrew Smith 
Pics at Narrows after  Bill's funeral


Reg Smith