Fayette Smith

Born: Dec 15, 1903    Died: Feb 2, 1972   
Buried McCoy Cemetery at Lower Elk side of mountain at old homeplace
Evelyn McCoy -  Born Oct 12, 1907   Died July 20, 1968
Married: Dec 5, 1925
Children of Fay & Evelyn: 

Lyle (9/12/1925 - 9/4/1965) married Ollie Wolford (Daughter of John & Marie Wolford) Of Blackie, VA
    Children: Wiley 3/13/47 married Freda Blankenship (sister of Lester Blankinship) 

Mary Elizabeth - died at 4 years of age

Eillene (3/5/29 - 4/8/78) - children Joe Sexton or Smith
    Married Russell Smith - no children - divorced when Russell came home from service
    Married Loama Hunt - children Jerry, Terry, Lucy, Carmila

Bert - died as infant in bed with his mother

Billard (8/27/32 - 1/?/1991) - married Lucy Alice Van Dyke 5/7/1952 
       Geraldine B (7/11/1953) married Lester Blankenship 7/11/1971
          (Lester killed when tree fell on him about 1996 at Stopover, Ky)
       David B (5/3/1956) - married Darlene Wolford 2/3/1978 - son David, Jr
          & married Janice? - 2 weeks & married Carolyn Rayburn 9/28/89



Fay & Sister Sallie @ Woodman, KY  circa 1920

Fay and Sallie were always close.
Many pics show Fay with a gun.
Pics of Sallie usually show a very pleasant facial expression. 

Note pearl handled pistol in Fay's vest pocket, stickpin in tie, dress clothes, Sallie's heavy hemmed skirt, long hair. Sitting in front of well on winter day. Child unknown but probably Sara Ann's girl Clarice.

Left - Fay with Sara Ann's son Woodrow @ Woodman. Another instance of Fay with one of Sara Anne's children. Picture may have been in Maude's possession as there is an X on Woodrow's shirt that she put there to identify Woodrow. 

Right - Beth with Fay's wife Evelyn

Left Fay @ Ritter Mill on Lower Elk - Woodman - Note dark handled pistol in coat pocket

Right - Fay - with no gun? Must be hid

Daughter Eillene and Laoma Hunt
Left - Laoma Hunt was a barber in Hurley, VA
Loama died 2007 as a result of a 4 wheel ATV accident near Hurley, VA

Right - Lyle & Bernard Nunley

Left - Evelyn's auto accident newspaper article

Right - ? and Lyle Smith

Left - Eillene (right side) and ? at Woodman Fay's - circa 1961

Right - Eillene's kids by Loama Hunt. Believe picture taken on June, 1961 visit Andrew and Reginald made to see Fay. Looks like Andrew's hat on the bed with the kids. They stayed at Eillene's house that night before riding with Eillene in her Jeep over the mountain and down creek bed to Fay's. Fay lived up the hollow from Woodman as the road started a steep accent up the mountain. Fay was digging some coal, raising a few chickens and making some shine for a living.