Sallie Smith

Sallie - Born: 2/16/1906 Meta/Pikeville, KY     Died: 4/8/1972  Narrows, VA
Buried Birchlawn Cemetery, Pearisburg, VA
Married: George "Shorty" Dimpson Nunley - 11/16/1922
George: Born 3/21/1899 - Cannonsburg, KY, Died 5/22/1976  Narrows, VA
Buried Birchlawn Cemetery, Pearisburg, VA
Sallie's Children: 
George Bernard (10/5/1923 - 12/4/1988) Married 7/4/1947(Betty Lawrence)
     Buried Birchlawn Cemetery, Pearisburg, VA
Clara Elizabeth (5/29/1925 -  9/15/2002) 
     Buried Birchlawn Cemetery, Pearisburg, VA
     Married 12/22/1951 (Aubrey W Bingham)

Alice Juanita (7/26/1927 - ) - Married 12/22/1951 (Kenneth Carr Robertson - Died - Nov 25, 1997)

Clarence Fredrick (6/30/1930 - 7/16/08) - Buried Birchlawn Cemetery, Pearisburg, VA 
    Married 9/5/1954 (Phyllis Irene Cassell - Birthday July 15)

Herbert Carroll (6/13/1932 - 7/10/05) - Buried Birchlawn Cemetery, Pearisburg, VA 
      1st Married 5/13/1955 (Marion Von Pocci - born 10/2/1936)- daughter Pamela (born 8/16/1956)
      (Marion's Father Hans Fr Von Pocci & mother Hertha Von Pocci - Germany)
      2nd marriage - Margaret Hill (born 3/31/1929)
      3rd marriage - Patricia Valerie Gale ( born 11/11/1946 ) on 10/30/1980 (died 6/12/2005 of cancer)
                             Buried Birchlawn Cemetery, Pearisburg, VA

Allen - died at birth 11/22/1938
Ailene - died at birth 11/22/1938
(Twins came premature due to Sallie straining with housework during pregnancy)

Pictures evidently made the same day. Sallie has on the same clothes. Looks like one is a studio picture and right picture is made outdoors. Were these made on her wedding day? Maybe not as none were found with here in this dress with Dimpson Nunley. Studio was probably Williamson, VW

Right - Sallie with Mother Nancy

Nancy Sanson? (Cecil Nunley's Wife?), Sallie Smith and Hazel Robinson (Andrew's 1st wife) @ Woodman

Sallie's brother Fay and Sallie at Woodman - Child - maybe Sara Ann's girl Clarice
Both pics at Woodman (Lower Elk) KY.
Dates unknown.
Fay and Sallie were always close.
Many pics show Fay with a gun.
Pics of Sallie usually show a very pleasant facial expression.
Pics of Fay's wife Evelyn McCoy have not been found.

Dimpson Nunley Family (Father-Uncles-Cousins)
Circa 1915

Standing - Spots Mollory (uncle) Charles Nunley, Mary McColley, Minta Nunley(stepmother)

Sitting - Henry Franklin Nunley(father), Boy is Charlie (Jim's son), Jim Nunley, William Henry Nunley (grandfather), Margaret Nunley, Mat Mallory

Sitting on ground - Vernon Nunley, Cecil Nunley, Dimpson Nunley, Maggie and Gerturde Nunley (Jim's daughters)

Ireland & Maude Smith, Dimpson & Beth Nunley, Andrew Smith at Narrows.

Right - Dimpson with granddaughter Pam her birthday cake

George Dimpson Nunley was a quite person - didn't say much and let thing take it's course. 

Sallie took care of the kids and would "pour it on us" when needed. 

Children do not remember Dimpson ever spanking them once. Pam stayed at Narrows while Herb & Marion were separated.

Dimpson at Narrows - Pumpkin grown behind house

George Dimpson Nunley was a quite person - didn't say much and let thing take it's course. Sallie took care of the kids and would "pour it on us" when needed. Children do not remember Dimpson ever spanking them once.

1920 Pike County, KY census records link show that Dimpson was living with Ireland Smith and his wife Maude (Dimpson's sister) in Woodman, KY. Is shown as a lumberman at the Ritter Lumber Planing Mill. Andrew Smith and wife Hazel are shown living next door. Dimpson's father was Henry Franklin Nunley; 
Mother Sarah Ann Conley

Sallie & ? maybe Clarice 
(Sara Ann's daughter)

Vivian Chapman and Sallie

Sara Ann's kids where taken in by her mother and father Nancy & Joe Smith. The kids became like brothers and sisters to their aunts and uncles. 

Sallie evidently took up the Sara's girl Clarice as they are seen together in pictures.
Left pic - At Woodman, KY - Dimpson worked at Ritter in Woodman, KY also. 1920 Pike Cty Census shows Dimpson living with Maude & Ireland LINK
McClure, VA - Dickenson County

Left pic - Clarence

Right pic - Alice & Herbert
Man came to town with pony and camera to take kids pictures for a price. Alice was upset because she was told she could not have her picture taken on the horse or in the cowboy clothes since she was a girl. Alice made up her mind to have her own pony - which she did for many years until about 2004.

Children - Front - Herb, Clarence, Back - Beth, Bernard, Alice

Clarence and Herbert at McClure, VA

George Dimpson Nunley 
& Sallie Smith

Left Pic - Taken at McClure, VA
Front - Herbert, Beth, Byron Counts, Alice
Second - Bernard, Clarence
Standing - Sallie, Marvin Smith, ?, Jeter Arrowwood, Charles Lamb

Right Pic - Wedding Day?

Sallie Smith, Cecil Nunley & Maude Nunley Smith (Ireland's wife and Cecil's sister)

Sallie and Husband George Dimpson Nunley

Cecil Nunley left the VA area and worked in Chattanooga for Andrew Smith at Williams & Voris Lumber Company 

Dimpson worked for the WPA during the depression and made $1.50 a day. Stayed at Woodman during the depression and mover to McClure to work for Ritter Lumber Co about 1938. Moved to Narrows in 1944 when Ritter closed the McClure mill. Dimpson then went Celanese, Inc in Narrows and retired.

Left - at McClure - Beth, Sallie, Clarence (Front), Bernard, Maude, Alice

Right - Nancy Samson (Cecil's wife), Dimpson & Sallie & Marie Samson Foreground.

Nancy got bit by a copperhead snake in the house and died.

Left - Sallie, Pam, Dimpson

Right - Cecil's daughter Billie Jean & Dimpson

Pics at Narrows home place

Left - Dimpson, Bernard, Clarence

Right - Front - Alice, Clarence - Back - Beth, Bernard, Sallie, Herbert

Pics at Narrows home place

Left - Beth, Clarence, Alice

Right - Sallie was always a housewife and mother of 5. Said always working and waiting on the family - cooking and washing and cleaning. She always did the whippings when needed. Dimpson would not discipline.

Sallie developed cancer and lived about 9 months. She was taken to Alexandria, VA for treatment and died there April 8, 1972. 

Left - Bernard&wife Betty, Beth, Alice, Clarence, Kevin (rear)

Right - Bernard, Beth, Alice, Clarence, Kenneth Robertson (rear)

Pics at Narrows home place

Left - Dimpson Nunley, Maude Smith, Cecil Nunley, Vernon Nunley, Della (Dimpson's step sister)

Right - Front - ? , Alice, Beth Back - Herbert Nunley, ? , ?

Photos From Grandpa Nunley's Funeral
Probably 1950

Left -  Cecil Nunley's girls

Right -  Cecil Nunley's girls

Photos From Grandpa Nunley's Funeral
Probably 1950

Left - Front - Beth, Alice, Clarence
Back - Herbert, Phyllis (Clarence's wife)

Right - Front - Beth, Alice, Clarence
Back - Herbert & Wife Pat, Kenneth Robertson, Phyllis
Pics at Narrows home place
Maybe at Kenneth's Birthday


Left pic at Narrows home place about 2002

Right pic at Alice's home place - Pulaski County

Left pic at Ireland & Maude home Stuart, VA -
Maude, Dimpson, Kenneth Robertson, Ireland, Alice

Right pic taken at Narrows, VA - Joe Christian & wife Nellie, Sallie, Arthur Ward and front Lodema Christian Ward (Arthur's wife)

Left - Arthur Ward - Lodema Christian's husband

Right - Sam Morgan Ward - Lodema's son

Left - Pic at Narrows homeplace after Clarence Nunley Funeral 2008 - Frederick, Phyllis, Jenny, David, Alice in front
Clara Elizabeth (Beth) Nunley

Beth Nunley At
Narrows Home Place

Beth and Herbert's 
Daughter Pam

Born in Woodman, KY May 29, 1925. Grade school in Kentucky. Moved to McClure, VA in 1935. Graduated from Ervington High School in Nora, VA in 1943. Went to school several weeks in Roanoke and then took a Civil Service exam and went to work in the Pentagon Bldg in Washington DC as a clerk typist. Lived in the Alabama Bldg near Arlington Cemetery. General George Marshall picked Beth and a friend up one morning as they were walking to work from the Alabama Bldg. They used to talk to some of the chauffeurs of  the Generals at the Pentagon. Beth married Aubrey W Bingham, May 11, 1945. Moved to Narrows in 1947 & separated in 1947, divorced in 1951/2? Aubrey was bad to drink 


Beth lived with mom and dad in Narrows until they died. Baptized in the Mormon church Sept 8, 1972. 
Beth worked at the Celanese plant in Narrows from 1945 until retirement in 1987?. Traveled to Salt Lake City Mormon family archives to do family research. Very active in Mormon church. 

Beth had 5 heart bypasses and died of a heart attack.


Left: After Beth's Funeral at Narrows - 
Front - Betty, Clarence, Alice
2nd row - Kevin's wife Sharen , Phyllis, Betty's brother  J A Lawrence, Jenny
Back - Kevin, Fred, Herb, Pat (Herb's wife), Reg Smith 
George Bernard Nunley

Left pic - Bernard

Right Pic - McClure - worked at Ritter Lumber for several years. Bernard then went in 1941 or 1942 to Manassas and trained and went to work at National Airport. He worked on inspection for U.S. Presidents aircraft. After retirement he moved back to Rich Creek, VA near Narrows in Oct 1988 and died Dec of 1988.

Left pic - O.A Counts, Bernard, Bryon Counts.

Bernard was an accomplished fiddle player and played with Ralph Stanley and his group.


Left - Cheryl, Bernard, Kevin & ?

Right - Kevin

Left pic - Young Kevin Nunley (Bernard's son)

Cheryl Baggett (Bernard's daughter) and sons Lee & Ben. Cheryl lives near Shreveport, LA

Left - 1989 meeting at Bernard's mountain place shortly after he died

Right - Betty and Bernard. 
Married Betty Ann Lawrence  July 4, 1947
Betty worked at the Pentagon for many years where she was a secretary to the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces. She never divulged information she knew was business of the Joint Chiefs.

Clarence Fredrick Nunley

Pics at Narrows home place

Left - Harold Nunley (Cecil's son) and Clarence

Right - Clarence with model he carved and won an Exacto set for the project.

Left - Graduation from Virginia Tech in Architectural Engineering

Right - Clarence hold Jenny.
Phyllis's dad Roy Cassell on the right

Pics at Narrows home place

Daughter Jenny

Left - Jenny, Clarence, Frederick

Right - Kevin, Jenny, ?

Left - Clarence & Phyllis
Married Phyllis Irene Cassell Sept 5, 1954

Right - Wedding party

Pics at Narrows home place

Jenny and Alice

Alice Juanita Nunley

Wedding Night 12/22/1951

Alice lived with 1 year with Ireland and Maude in Chattanooga and went to Ridgedale Elementary School for the 6th grade. Alice was sickly in McClure and had to walk to school in the deep snows. So Sallie let her go with Maude and Ireland to Chattanooga for one year. She would ride the trolley cars around Chattanooga and to movie shows on Saturdays.  Alice was able to ride a school bus to school at McClure and stay out of the snow the next year, so she went back home.. 

Graduation Day - 1945

Right pic at Woodman, KY

Kevin, Cheryl, Lewis Runions, Alice, Dimpson at Alice's home on Little Walker Creek, VA
Right pic - Kevin, Cheryl, Lewis, Alice, Dimpson at Alice's house on Little Walker Creek - Dublin, VA

Birthday Cake - 29th?

Left - Kenneth Robertson & Kevin Nunley (Kevin's 1st deer)

Right - Sallie baked Kenneth a cake


Right pic - Sallie, Alice, Dimpson.


Left - Ralph Stanley age 12 in 7th grade at Ervington High School - McClure, VA

Right at Ervington H.S. Class Reunion 7/19/2003
Ralph is one of the all-time great bluegrass musician.
Famed for his group - "Ralph Stanely And The Clinch Mountain Boys"

Alice went to school with Ralph & Carter Stanley.
Beth graduated with Carter. Alice helped Ralph with his homework in school. Ralph said he'd not made it through high school if not for Alice.

Early Ralph Stanley Group called "The Stanley Brothers Bluegrass Music"

Pic taken at Nunley Home Place Narrows, VA

Left - Carter Stanley, Lester Woodie, Ralph Stanley, Leslie Keith

The group used to come to the house in Narrows, and Sallie would fix supper for them. Bernard would spend time at their farm in the summer playing music. Ralph worked at his family's saw mill, farm on ___ Mountain, VA, family store and other business ventures.

Left - Alice with Ralph Stanley about 2000

Right - Ralph's wife Jimmie with Alice

Left - Alice with Trixie

Right - Kenneth Robertson Family - circa 1900

Left - Cheryl's son Lee at Alice's

Right - Spring House at Alice's

Left - Robertson Kids with Kenneth on left

Right - Group at Alice's


Left - Bernard, John Whittaker, Dimpson
Herbert Carroll Nunley

Herb In Germany

Herb In Germany

Herb was in the Air Force and met his first wife in Germany.

1st Married 5/13/1955 (Marion Von Pocci - born 10/2/1936)- daughter Pamela (born 8/16/1956)
      (Marion's Father Hans Fr Von Pocci & mother   Hertha Von Pocci - Germany)
      2nd marriage - Margaret Hill (born 3/31/1929)
      3rd marriage - Patricia Valerie Gale 
    ( born 11/11/1946 ) on 10/30/1980 
     (died 2005 of cancer)  
    Buried Birchlawn Cemetery,  Pearisburg, VA

Left - At Dulles Airport Police Department Award Ceremony

Right - .Young Herbert

Left - Herb in Germany

Right - Family at Narrows. From Left: ?, Pam, Marion, Bernard, Herb (standing), Beth Kenneth (standing), Sallie

Left - Pam at Narrows

Right - Alice, Pam & Herbert at Alice's home place.

Pam married John Alexander(Alex) Curtis II (Born 1/21/1957) and lived in Watkinsville, GA - two children - Amy Suzette born 7/27/83 (Married J.T. Oliver) 
and Laura Anne born 8/18/86

Pam married Robert Smith (born 11/11/58) in 2006


Laura & Amy At Goldvein, VA

Laura, Pam, Amy

Pam's mother's name is Countess Marion Anna Sophia Pamela Van Pocci

Pamela Elizabeth Nunley born Aug 16, 1956 in Williamson County, WVa 

Beth, Laura, Pam, Amy
At Goldvein, VA

Amy at Alice's home

Herb and Clarence bought a tract of land in Goldvein, VA with an old mill (Circa 1890) that was water feed from a dam and ill run upstream. Herb rebuilt the mill and lived there many years. After marriage to Pat, they built a 6000 sq ft home on the property above the mill.

Gold was found in the creek running through the property. The Gold Prospectors Association of America did some films on the property in 2005. Herb made several trips to Alaska gold prospecting. He also did jewelry work in precious metals with his lost wax & casting equipment.


Left - Laura & Amy


Left - Herbert and Pat At Goldvein in kitchen

Right - Herb & Pat - Herb's Birthday at Goldvein


Left - David Nunley, Herb, Beth
Labor Day at Narrows about 10 days before Beth died.

Reg Smith