Sara Ann Smith

Sara Ann Smith: Born Jan, 1885 - Kentucky, Died Jan 15, 1926 - Lexington, KY
Husband: Arthur Hensley

Sara, after the kids were born, was sent to an institution where she died with tuberculosis at Eastern State Hospital Jan 15, 1926. It is told that Sara had a head injury, later became violent and she was put into the hospital where she did not get better. See copies of letters below from hospital. She is buried in Lexington, KY.  

Her parents Joe and Nancy Smith raised Woodrow, Finn, Clarence and Clarice. Woodrow never left the Woodman area.

Arthur Hensley later remarried. 

Born 9/3/1912
Born 9/26/??
Clarence Clarice
Winnie - was shot with a 22 rifle and killed - boys had been hunting - set gun on porch and somehow she got shot and killed. Lodema said that Sara Ann cut Winnie's red hair off to keep.
Woodrow - 

1st Wife: Mettie Sansom married 4/18/1931; Children - Children: Andrew(2/11/32), Elliott(11/11/1933 - 6/22/2003 at Woodman, KY - retired coal miner), Millard(3/3/1936) Ross (2/12/1938)

2nd Wife: Geneva Prater - Married 12/5/47 - children - Malcom (9/12/1948) and 2 still born babies
Elliott's and Ross's and Malcom's wives are all sisters.
Finn -
1st Wife - Thelma Hurley - children - Jimmie, Walter, Juanita

2nd Wife -  Vivian Hunt - children - Unice, Rebecca, Finn?, Boy?
Clarence - died in 1932 in Logan, WV - 23 or 24 years old - had brain fever - hurt in back of head. Went to California during depression trying to find work and came back sick.
Clarice - married Dewey Kimble in 1930 - had 2 boys & 3 girls

From right: Finn Hensley, Clarence Hensley, unknown, unknown

Sara's Brother Fay Smith with  nephew Woodrow Hensley

Letter 1   1916

Letter 2   1925  Letter 3  1926 death


Left - Vivian Chapman & Sara's sister Sallie Smith Nunley

Right - Believe this is Mettie Sanson Hensley - Woodrow's wife

Woodrow Hensley

Left - Margie Hensley - Finn's daughter

Right - Woodrow's & Nettie Sanson Marriage Certificate


Left - Woodrow's grandmother Evelyn Hensley

Right - Finn Hensley & Nath Sampson