Life At Woodman, KY Early 1900's
W. M. Ritter Lumber Company Mill Town

Blackie, VA between
Woodman & Hurley, VA

Train tunnel thru mountain to Devan & Williamson
Ritter Lumber Houses

Lodema Smith

Ritter Planning Mill - 1920

School - Location?

Left Picture - Bill back row about 6 from left. Dimpson lower right with cap 1st sitting left of water bucket

Drinking at The Well
Woodman, KY

Front - young Woodrow Hensley, Ed Wolford (teacher)
Back - Nancy Samson
Dimpson Nunley

Good 'ol Boys

All you need is a good dog and a couple guns                  

Lyle Smith &
 Bernard Nunley

James King Family

 Front right is  Violet Christian (Joe Christian's Sister) - married Drew Smith

Mill at Woodman
Maybe kiln and boilers
 in the foreground

Christmas 1914 Looking up Lower Elk/Knox Creek towards planing mill

Employee Statement

Planing Mill

Boarding House Menu

Woodman did not have a company store. Ireland Smith owned one of the 2 stores at Woodman in the 1920's. Lot's of people would not pay their bills as most was sold on credit.

Ritter Lumber - McClure





Lower Elk Mill - Woodman

Ritter Lumber Company
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Ritter Lumber Company

Ireland Smith

Andrew Smith